How to blog for money and profit – it’s quick and easy!

how to blog for moneyIf you want to know how to blog for money then the first thing I would tell you is … Get started! Its quick, easy and not that difficult! It never fails to amaze me when I see people suffering from green light syndrome or inaction.

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GLS, (green light syndrome) is the fine art of procrastination thru perfection. Wanting to know the in’s and outs of every single aspect of a subject before getting started.

Green light syndrome? Imagine sitting at home waiting for green light syndromeall the lights between you and where you’re going to go green! It’s never going to happen. It’s a fatal disease in the Online Business industry. Why? Because there is always something to learn, another step to take, another skill to master, the next technological break through to tear you hair out over.

Let me tell you the story of Frank the builder. Many years ago I lived in South Africa as a (very) young man working in the automotive industry. There were a lot of ex pat Brits and one, a guy called Frank was a successful custom home builder.

He told me how he got started and Franks story has stayed with me. It was an inspiration

What he told me was a story of implementation, of getting going, of making a start, of laying the ground work, of building the foundation first. You can’t put the roof on a house until you’ve built the walls.

You see, 3 years prior to having met Frank he had no house building experience! Working in the tool design department of General Motors obviously gave my friend Frank practical experience, so being a go ahead guy he bought a plot of land. Frank and his wife chose a set of plans and they set out from there. (<=== Hint: Jot down a plan 🙂 )

So they had a vision, but absolutely no experience. Guess what Frank did first? He dug the foundations!

how to blog for moneyHe marked it all out, learned all about level lines and local building codes, the local inspector was very helpful, and so was the guy driving the backhoe.

9 months, lots of headaches and mistakes later Frank and his wife moved in! Was it perfect? Not by a long way, but it was better than most builders were putting up and Frank had an embryo business.

3 years later he and his team were building luxury 5 bedroom beach homes for the wealthy. So what’s the lesson?

Make a start ===> implement fast ===> learn as you go

If you really want to learn how to blog for money and profit, here’s the key, dig those foundations. Unlike the bricks and mortar Frank was working with WordPress, the blogging platform we recommend is very forgiving.

So just start, if you make a mistake you can fix it. Fast implementation is the key

Quick and Easy Steps to fast blogging for money and profit

1) Buy your domain, don’t worry right now if you haven’t got your self a super duper niche, register a domain name around your hobby, your first and last name if it’s available, want we are looking for right now is practice

2) Buy a cheap hosting account, at Hostgator login to cPanel at with the user name and password your hosting company gave you, scroll down, find the little blue smiley face Fantastico icon and fantasticoinstall WordPress. Don’t worry, nothing breaks!

3) Install 3 plugins, All In One SEO, Google Sitemap XML, and a Social Plugin

4) Choose the 2012 theme, it’s clean, great looking and highly customizable.

5) Write an About, Contact and Privacy Page, if your not sure, just do a Google search for Wrodpress Privacy Page, your About Page is just a little Bio of who you are. Just keep it real, relaxed and conversational.

OK so now your up and running, like Frank you have your foundations up. What you’ve done however, instead of building the foundations to a house you’ve laid the foundation of your Online Business Empire.

How to blog for money and profit Part Two

Now your an online publisher, exciting stuff! You’ve got to make this easy and quick, focus on content and people not tech, don’t worry to much about SEO, (if you don’t know what that means right now don’t worry) Google will find your content.

You now need 10 foundation posts based on the keywords your aiming at, the easy way to do keyword research is go to, start to type in the keyword your aiming for and watch the predictive suggestions.

Your posts need to be 350 to 500 words each, don’t fight it, just write conversationally and do one or two at a sitting. Go look at other blogs in your niche, don’t copy, just look for inspiration.

Then post them as you write.

Next? You have to play the Google game, tie your blog into Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

Tie your blog into a Facebook page, Google + account, Linkdin and Youtube, but don’t let that stuff get in the way of continuing to build your content.

Fast implementation is the key to learning how to blog for money and profit. Don’t sit on your hands. get it done, dif the foundations of your Online Business Empire and lest get started on your journey

“Some people spend all there time digging in the roots while others just pick the fruit” Jim Rohn

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how to blog for money

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