Facebook Marketing | The Unstoppable Express Train, are You Onboard?

facebook marketingFacebook is an unstoppable marketing express train. And things are not going to change anytime soon! The latest figures show that Facebook now has 1.12 Billion active users per month! No other Social platform comes close nor is it likely to.

What’s more staggering is that total active daily users have now risen to 650 million, and that is dynamite to us as marketers. Why? Because Facebook is where people are actively seeking and getting opinions and communication.

And just look at the total for mobile. 750 million active users every day interact with Facebook via their Smartphone. These are staggering numbers.

Want more? Active response on Facebook stand at 2.7 billion like’s per day compared to only 400 million tweets per day on Twitter.

What does that mean to us as marketers? Simply this: Every like you get on your Business Page from somebody has the potential to be seen by all of their friends. Now, numbers vary and demographics will come into play, but at the last count it was estimated that everybody on Facebook has an average of 229 friends.

So how does that translate into an advantage for YOUR business?

Imagine you have a Facebook Page for your business that has let’s say, 500 ‘likes’. When you post something new to your page, that will appear in the news feed of everybody who has ‘liked’ your page.

Now, realistically, only about 1/3 of those friends will actually see it.

So let’s do the math. You have a Facebook page with 500 likes. You keep your content fresh and engaging. So you post an offer, a free download or a sale item. So 500 x 229 means that potentially 114,500 people will see your post!

Realistically only a 1/3 of those people will see it so that’s effectively 38,166 people who have a good chance of seeing your post in there Newsfeed.

And that’s MASSIVE!

Used correctly a Facebook page can be devastatingly effective for you business.

Now, you can take that whole thing further by utilizing Video, Promoted Posts and Facebook Targeted Advertising.

But that’s for another article. Right now if you haven’t got a Facebook page set up for your business, it’s the very first thing you should do.

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