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learn to blog for profitIt sounds like one of those stories that you read about when the Gurus are trying to make it all sound all so push button simple.

And knowing the story intimately I can almost see the headline …..

“Semi retired Brit living in the Tennessee backwoods strikes it rich blogging about his passion. Turns niche interest into Six Million Dollar Turnover with Multiple Six Figure Income”

Makes it sound all so easy? Like a poster for the ‘all you need is a beach chair and a Laptop to get rich’ brigade.

(If you have any interest at all in establishing a real and profitable presence online please read to the end)

And I am here to tell you that achieving that level of success online is not easy. And I know, because that semi retired Brit was me.

I will leave the story of how my wife and ended up in rural Tennessee for another time. (and no, it was not witness protection!). 🙂

I had been earning a full time income from the Internet for about 4 years when we ended up in Tennessee 2007.

I wanted to kick my income up a gear so I decided to start a Blog around my favorite Technology Brand. That was going to be my route to fame and fortune online!

Had I known at the outset the challenges I would have to overcome …. well, it might have been different story. (I had no idea what I was taking on!)

I started from a hot sticky attic bedroom in 2007, working of a folding table, with a laptop,  a big vision and a few hundred $’s

I registered a domain name, got myself a nice shiny hosting account, loaded up WordPress, bought a premium Theme to dress it all up and it was all plain sailing from there right?

Wrong! The learning curve was huge, well, it was for me anyway. With nobody to guide me, searching for solution and answers to the mind bending challenges. How to install this, how to tweak that. Scouring forums and Google for the answers I finally got my Blog looking reasonable.

Got some content on there and the traffic started to dribble in.

3 years later, after hitting innumerable roadblocks and ‘ceilings’, the business was turning over $6 Million in sales of ‘real’ (Technology) products and was generating me a multiple $6 figure income. (I still look back and say a silent wow!)

Is that typical? Maybe not ….

But its possible …. and I am not the only one who has done it. Or at least had similar results.

Here’s some facts about blogging you just cannot afford to ignore ……

  • A recent Technorati Survey revealed that 86% of successful online influencers Blog
  • Google LOVES blogs
  • Blogging gets you LEADS
  • Small Business owners that Blog get 126% more New Customer Leads than
  • those that don’t.

You can build a sharp looking Money Making, Lead Generating, Long Term Profitable Blog in one of two ways …..

Which route do you want to take? The hard way (like I did, with NO help), spending unnecessary time and money doing the wrong things or the easy way with step by step guidance, every base covered and the fastest route to profit?

Let me tell you how to take the short cut to massive long term blogging success and profit …..

Get help from somebody who has done it, period. Cut the struggle, cut the frustration cut the cash eating trial and error. Get straight to long term profit.

Going it alone quite frankly sucks and its just plain stupid when there are so many successful people out there who are willing to share their expertise and knowledge.

And I will be perfectly honest with you, up and till ow I haven’t had the time or the inclination to even start putting the effort in to teach this stuff. But, that question inevitably comes up whenever I get into the ‘what is it you do’ conversation. I would almost always almost say it in a whisper under my breath just in case the other person caught what i was saying.

‘I make a living online ….blogging’ because that would then lead to the inevitable question, ‘oh, how do you do that?’

Up until now I have always skirted round the answer with some vaguely mumbled response about WordPress, plugins, themes and SEO. What I usually got back was a completely slack jawed blank.stare.

See, the truth is making money Blogging is not that hard if you follow a few simple steps to get things going and work up from there. So I came up with a brilliant solution. I would start I Blogging course and teach everybody how to do it! Good idea? That’s a resounding NO! The work involved was just … well … to overwhelming.

So I started looking around for a really good course I could recommend on how to blog professionally. Simple criteria, it had to be that good it would take me through the A to Z process of setting up a successful, lucrative, long term blogging business. It would have to be so good I would be willing to recommend ti to family and friends without hesitation

Serendipity saved the day. A Facebook friend, introduced me to two of his Facebook friends.

Enter Matt Wolfe and Bradley Will who have developed the very best how to blog for profit course I have ever seen …. period.

The Six Figure Blogging Formula

I have teamed up with Matt and Bradley and asked them to put on a Free ground breaking action
packed, content filled Webinar ‘The Six Figure Blogging Formula’.

We WILL show you the way! Grab your personal invite a book your Webinar slot now

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