Shiny Object Syndrome Will Kill Your Internet Marketing Business (stone dead)

shiny object syndrome

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Shiny Object Syndrome is the solopreneurs biggest enemy. The one thing I do know about internet marketing is that it’s far to easy to go off in the wrong direction.

You have to build your business on a solid foundation from the outset. And stay laser focused.

Why? Because it’s all too easy to go off half cocked. The biggest culprit? The arch enemy of all Internet Markers, Shiny Object Syndrome or SOS!

In other words it becomes easier to flit from the latest ‘next big thing’ launched by Guru B or Guru A, and then pretended it’s all real work. Which means you go thru all your precious hours getting absolutely nothing done and moving no closer to your goals.

You get busy busy looking at stuff instead of building your business. You’re already dead and buried in the Internet marketing graveyard.

“Well, chances are you have shiny object syndrome. Don’t worry, it’s not fatal, but it can cause you to run in circles while feeling constantly busy and never quite achieving anything.”

Joel Runyan – Impossible HQ

Here are the main rules for avoiding ‘shiny object syndrome’ (SOS)

We are all being constantly bombarded with the latest and greatest offers, which seem very, very attractive…  at the time.

Here are a few questions I ask myself just before making the mistake of taking on yet another course, ‘push button’ tool, ‘ultimate system’, ‘magic plugin’ instead of focusing on what I originally set out to do and continue to fully dedicate and focus:

  1. – Am I suffering from ‘fear of loss’ brought about by clever marketing? (highly likely)
  2. – Am I just interested in it because the offer seems too good to miss? (it’s very shiny)
  3. – Am I able to dedicate enough hours to fully implement steps from the new course, tool or offer and profit from it?
  4. Does this offer directly align with my plans for growing my online business?
  5. – If I miss out on this now (realizing that I wouldn’t actually be able to commit enough time to implement it), is there a possibility that 2-4 months down the line something similar pops up, offering a fresh take on the subject?
  6. – Even better, will this very same course, tool, or offer be at a substantial discount when the hype has died down?

If you have been involved in online marketing for the last couple of years you can’t help but notice it’s a constant sea of change, SEO, Pinterest, Facebook Marketing. There is a massive shift in Internet Marketing every 6-12 months on average.

And you can be certain that SOMEBODY is going to jump on that bandwagon and try and sell you something labeled ‘the next big thing’!

So, the Three Main Golden Rules for avoiding ‘Shiny Object Syndrome‘ and the massive distraction its causes your business?

Ask yourself this question from Item Four above, “Does this offer directly align with my current and specific plans for growing my online business?” (this will normally blow SOS out that water straight away)

The second rule, when the email drops into your inbox screaming about the new incredible, ‘your won’t believe this offer’, DON”T hit the buy button. Keep your Credit/Debit card in your wallet for 24 hours. It’s amazing how different things look once you’ve slept on it.

And the 3rd Rule? Hit the unsubscribe button from all those emails that are constantly bombarding you with distracting offers and only stay subscribed to the people that fit with rule two! (does this offer directly align …)

“Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives”.

Tony Robbins

Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome at all costs. It’s the very best way to ensure rapid, profitable long term growth for your Internet Marketing Business


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