Facebook rolls out #hashtags | #facebook #breakingnews !

hashtags on facebookIt looks like Facebook have finally rolled out hashtags. Hashtags on Facebook have been used for a while by users who ‘presumed’ that they had a function but up until today’s announcement they have been pretty much a decorative thing rather than having a search function as they do on Twitter.

I think that Facebook hashtags will bring a real benefit to Facebook Page Admin’s, allowing your content to be found across the platform. The real test will come when the Billion or so current Facebook users discover hashtags on Facebook and start to use them indiscriminately filling status updates with dozens of the things!

You know the kind of thing if your on Twitter or Instagram. Hashtag spam is becoming a disease on twitter hashtagsInstagram

Hashtags on Facebook should be used as a kind of content tagging system to help others find your content in a relevant context.

Fact: Tweets with one or two #hashtags have a much higher engagement then those with 3 or 4 #hashtags. Use more and you will actually see a drop in engagement. So Facebook hashtag spammers beware. Don’t think that Mark and his boys haven’t already got this all worked out!

If you want to get all the facts on Facebook hashtags and how to use them for your business page then go over to usstandout.com.

Facebook has announced that they’re rolling out hashtags to help facilitate conversations, and help users find more content they’d be interested in. The feature is gradually being rolled out to Facebook users and pages. It will work pretty much the same way Twitter hashtags do — and it makes sense for Facebook to add this feature, since so many people automatically publish their tweets on Facebook.

Diana Urban has written a superb article and post, how to use hashtags on your facebook page

Its a superb article and you’ll also find some really great Social Media and Facebook content over there!

All that remains to be seen now is how business page admin’s and users in general respond to hashtags on Facebook but its a step in the right direction for content search

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