Our Favourite Free Web Design Tools & Resources – And Why We Love Them

free web design toolsThere are plenty of excellent Free Web Design Tools out there, but like everything internet, finding the good stuff is easier said than done! Here’s seven of our hand picked favorites.

With all the incredible free and Open Source Tools and Resources it’s difficult to justify paying a small fortune for premium software suites from the likes of Adobe.

This isn’t a complete list of everything we use when we are starting a new project together, but this will get you going with the essentials.

Coffee Cup Free HTML

Whether your a newbie building your first site or a seasoned vet, you’ll love Coffee Cup HTML Editor. It has a Dreamweaver type look and feel without the price tag


ColourPic by Iconico

This is one of our favorite tools and so useful for putting your colour palette together. Such a simple tool that we can’t do without. The graphic on this page was created with the help of ColourPic


Colour Lovers

Stuck for a palette? Colour lovers to the rescue with a complete range of color palettes for a vibrant site or blog.



Love Photoshop? Like Free? You’ll love GIMPShop

GIMPShop is a Free photo and image editing program designed to equal Adobe Photoshop. Superb! With copies of Adobe Creative Suite costing the same as a small hose loan, free Photoshop style programs are good if they work. We just love GIMPShop. The nice people over there have taken the open source image editor The GIMP, bolted on a Photoshop interface so it’s just like the real thing!.

WARNING: When your installing GIMPShop, watch the install process. Obviously accept the ‘license’ for GIMPShop itself, but then it wants to download and install a couple of pieces of junk software like WeatherBug, just make sure you ‘decline’ these offers and you’ll get a nice clean install!



The most useful little design tool on planet earth. Want to know how big that image should be to fit into a sidebar? Post on a social site for maximum impact? Pixelruler to the rescue. Brilliantly simple



Excellent free, light weight coding app. Practice your skills to your heart’s content!



The iconic FTP app that has stood the test of time is stable, easy and intuitive to use for the beginner, but feature rich for the advanced user. Our FTP client of choice


So there you have it, our hand picked selection of our favorite Free Web Design Tools. Whether your building a HTML or CSS site, or going the WordPress route, you’ll eventually need to start honing your skills, even if it’s just a little code tweaking or putting an image together, this list of tools and software will save you a fortune!

If you eventually do decide to splash out on Photoshop or Dreamweaver, this collection of Free Web Design Tools will allow you to get going now without spending any money. We like that!